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Crazy-lady crap

Notes from the bookstore cafe: An arthritic lady wearing a lovely flowered dress and a very nice coat and two of those bracelets with pictures of saints on them shuffled to the table next to me and left her four … Continue reading

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Better way

Mostly I just want to fly under the radar, doing my secret unschooling, unparenting thing. (I figure, if “school” means “making kids do all the expected things, whether they want to or not,” then I am unschooling. And if “parenting” … Continue reading

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Growth and regression

Sometimes growth is invisible, and sometimes it even looks like regression. This is true for everybody, I think. It’s true for tots, who make great progress walking and then want to crawl for a while, as they focus on something … Continue reading

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Must read by age eight: sure sign of a faulty system

The assumptions in this Time magazine article frustrate me. The article is called “Why Third Grade Is So Important: The ‘Matthew Effect’.” From the article: “Too often the story unfolds this way: struggles in third grade lead to the ‘fourth-grade … Continue reading

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What school is for

What need does school meet? What purpose does it serve? What, ideally, is school for?  I’ve come up with this list. Any more ideas I’ve come up with so far after writing this have fallen under one of these rubrics, … Continue reading

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Ambivalence and approval

I hesitate to tell my radically unschooling friends about the occasional schoolish things we do — like deciding to follow a math curriculum or signing The Thinker up for some kind of class — for fear they’ll think I’m pandering … Continue reading

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Breakfast math

New this year (quite, to unschoolers like us): Every morning at breakfast, The Thinker works on a daily lesson in a Grade 4 math book, and I sit there too and do paperwork. And this may sound weird, but it’s … Continue reading

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The Davenport

A Davenport is a type of sofa (the best kind — like the one that used to be at my grandma’s house). A Davenport is also a type of desk (the best kind — with a lift-up top and storage … Continue reading

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