Breakfast math

New this year (quite, to unschoolers like us): Every morning at breakfast, The Thinker works on a daily lesson in a Grade 4 math book, and I sit there too and do paperwork. And this may sound weird, but it’s so fun! He adds or subtracts or draws fractions or whatever, and he talks about the craziest things, and he drops his pencil a lot and refuses to skip any problems (I tell him he can skip some if he wants, maybe just do every other one — there’s really more work than necessary on each page — but no, he is compelled to complete all of it), and then he wonders what ALL the answers on a page would add up to, so he adds all of them together, and he makes cheat sheets for himself for clever ways to remember things, and he sings and draws pictures and daydreams. If it ever stops being fun, we can change the routine. But we’ve really been having a good time! And then we clean up the table and go read something.

This is the life. Truly.


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