Growth and regression

Sometimes growth is invisible, and sometimes it even looks like regression. This is true for everybody, I think. It’s true for tots, who make great progress walking and then want to crawl for a while, as they focus on something else — learning words, using utensils. And then the words or the fine-motor skills fall by the wayside for a while as they work on social skills; maybe they just started preschool. For grownups, it might be a season of intense volunteering and social growth, and then a season of pulling back and inner growth. Sometimes the phenomenon is more noticeable than other times. Landon Bryce writes, in his article “Hope, Regression, and Growth” on his blog A Blogazine for the Aspergers and Autism Community:

Every so often, I shed my wings so that I can grow better ones.

And that means living without wings for a while, which can be hard.

It was harder before I realized that there are other things to do than fly. Wings kind of get in the way when you need to do things on the ground.


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