Testing: This is how it’s always been done

This is an interesting article all around — One teen’s standardized testing horror story (and where it will lead), in the Washington Post — but this is the part that struck me:

“No Child Left Behind was signed in 2001 when I was in first grade. Our generation is the first generation to really go through the entire education system with this stigma of testing and accountability.”

Every child in school now has known high-stakes testing as their norm. Not just ordinary classroom subject tests, given by teachers to assess an individual class’s learning, but the big-gun, high-stakes, compare-all-the-school-to-each-other (and use-them-to-decide-who-gets-fired) tests that happen on top of what used to be “normal” school. This is normal now. In a couple more years, who will be left to question it? This is just how it’s done. This is how it’s always been done.


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