Alternate history

Padawan is reading a new series of Star Wars comics called “Infinities,” which is like a series of alternate histories. We also call them “what if” stories. What if Luke had not managed to blow up the Death Star? What if Luke had perished on frozen Hoth, so Leia had to complete the Jedi training with Yoda? What if Leia had joined the Empire? And so on.

In other news, we’ve read a little about the Spanish and French colonists and the native Timucua and the settlement of St. Augustine in la Florida and … what if the Spanish conquerors had prevailed in what is now the United States? Or the French? We’d all be speaking Spanish now. Or French, as in Quebec. What if the Timucua had revolted early and in great numbers and gotten the Spanish the heck off their peninsula?

Alternate history is great stuff.


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