What to honor

Many devoted teachers love their students and daily make the best — and then some — of an otherwise bad situation. Let’s thank and honor those teachers, bless them, but please let’s do it without glorifying the bad situation.

(And what might a bad situation be? Any school where, for example, the students don’t want to be there, where students and teachers tend to get on each other’s nerves and they can’t wait to go home, where students are not receiving the supports they need, where teachers are not receiving the supports they need, where either students or teachers dread going and celebrate the days they don’t have to go, where teachers have to follow a plan [and make their students follow a plan] that they know is wrong for their students, where students who are anxious or worse in a school setting have to be there anyhow because there’s noplace else to put them for the day, no better school or daycare or home arrangement.)

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