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Alternate history

Padawan is reading a new series of Star Wars comics called “Infinities,” which is like a series of alternate histories. We also call them “what if” stories. What if Luke had not managed to blow up the Death Star? What … Continue reading

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Why homeschool? Why school?

This is my reply to a post on a very interesting blog called School of Smock, called “10 Thoughts by an Educator about Homeschooling (and Why I’m Still Worried).” The author lists the reasons that homeschooling is growing and cites evidence … Continue reading

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Better way

Mostly I just want to fly under the radar, doing my secret unschooling, unparenting thing. (I figure, if “school” means “making kids do all the expected things, whether they want to or not,” then I am unschooling. And if “parenting” … Continue reading

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Breakfast math

New this year (quite, to unschoolers like us): Every morning at breakfast, The Thinker works on a daily lesson in a Grade 4 math book, and I sit there too and do paperwork. And this may sound weird, but it’s … Continue reading

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