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Don’t wait your turn

This is a great article, by somebody named Mandy in xoJane. Here, where Mandy quotes Seth Godin, I paused. Seth says: “Our cultural instinct is to wait to get picked. To seek out the permission, authority and safety that comes … Continue reading

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Public versus obligatory

I strongly support public education. I am opposed to obligatory education. I believe that a system (or systems) of education — schools, teachers, academic classes, performance art classes, art studios, mentors, tutors, project-based activities, book clubs, gymnasiums, swimming lessons, science … Continue reading

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You can try again

On leaving a cult at age 27: “I have no idea what kind of work I want to do, or where to live. How do people decide these things?” We all have things to unpack from our childhoods. Assumptions to … Continue reading

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Girls are fated to hate their mothers?

That’s what it says here, in an article called “I’m Pretty Much Waiting for My Daughter to Grow Up and Hate Me,” on Mommyish.com. It’s not a new premise, by any means. It’s accepted wisdom, in fact, that kids have … Continue reading

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Who is ignorant?

Diane Ravitch (whose blog I follow because I often admire her work and opinions) praises an article by Leon Wieseltier in the New Republic as “one of the most eloquent explanations of why we need teachers, schools, and universities.” (I … Continue reading

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Better way

Mostly I just want to fly under the radar, doing my secret unschooling, unparenting thing. (I figure, if “school” means “making kids do all the expected things, whether they want to or not,” then I am unschooling. And if “parenting” … Continue reading

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Growth and regression

Sometimes growth is invisible, and sometimes it even looks like regression. This is true for everybody, I think. It’s true for tots, who make great progress walking and then want to crawl for a while, as they focus on something … Continue reading

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